Saturday, April 10, 2010

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Mike Teavee: Why is everything here completely pointless?
Charlie Bucket: Candy doesn't have to have a point. That's why it's candy.

Willy Wonka: How do you feel about little raspberry kites?
Charlie Bucket: With licorice instead of string!
Mrs. Bucket: Boys, no business at the dinner table.
Charlie Bucket: Sorry, Mum.
Willy Wonka: I think you're onto something though, Charlie.

Mrs. Beauregarde: Violet, you're turning violet! [to Wonka; concerned] What's happening?
Willy Wonka: Well, I told you I hadn't quite got it right, 'cause it goes a little funny when it gets to the dessert. It's the Blueberry Pie that does it. I'm terribly sorry!
Violet Beauregarde: Mother, what's happening to me? [continues to turn purple and starts to grow]
Grandpa Joe: She's swelling up!
Charlie Bucket: Like a blueberry!
Willy Wonka: [to Mrs. Beauregarde] I've tried it on, like, twenty Oompa-Loompas and each one ended up as a blueberry. It's just weird!
Mrs. Beauregarde: But I can't have a blueberry as a daughter. How is she supposed to compete? Veruca Salt: You could put her in a county fair!
A candy-lover’s delight and a dentist’s worst nightmare, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory features a dazzling array of sweets and confections. There are lollipops in assorted flavors, grass candy, pink sugar canes, jawbreakers, taffy, chocolate trees and flowers, strawberry-flavored chocolate-coated fudge, whipped cream, nuts, Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight Wonka bars, everlasting gobstoppers, hair toffee, and so much more. Most impressive is the chocolate waterfall that mixes the chocolate, churning it up to make it light and frothy (the river and waterfall set required 245,000 gallons of fake “chocolate”), but more creative is the chewing gum that’s a full-course meal, starting with tomato soup, then turning to roast beef and baked potato, and finishing with blueberry pie and ice cream. Unfortunately, the chewing gum (and some of the other candies) are not without some series side effects…. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a remake of the classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Released 2005
Directed by Tim Burton
Written by Roald Dahl (book) and John August (screenplay)
Starring Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka, Freddie Highmore as Charlie Bucket, David Kelly as Grandpa Joe, Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Bucket, Noah Taylor as Mr. Bucket, Deep Roy as Oompa Loompa, Christopher Lee as Dr. Wonka, Missi Pyle as Mrs. Beauregarde, Annasophia Robb as Violet Beauregarde, Adam Godley as Mr. Teavee, Jordan Fry as Mike Teavee, Franziska Troegner as Mrs. Gloop, Philip Wiegratz as Augustus Gloop, James Fox as Mr. Salt, and Julia Winter as Veruca Salt
Awards: 2006 Empire Award for Best Actor (Depp); 2005 Irish Film and Television Audience Award for International Film; 2006 Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists Special Silver Ribbon; 2006 NRJ CinĂ© Award for Best Look (Depp); 2006 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Family Movie; 2005 Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Performance by a Youth in a Lead or Supporting Role-Male (Highmore); 2006 Teen Choice Award for Movies-Choice Actor in Comedy (Depp); 2006 Young Artist Award for Best Family Feature Film-Comedy or Musical


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